Dogon creation story

Dogon creation story.
No one explains the creation of the World according to the Dogon better than Jean Rouch. See the movie below

See also this movie from Jean Rouch Cocorico monsieur Poulet -NON-USA

I recommend seeing the complete movie from Luc de Heusch’s Sur les traces du renard pale (Tracking the Pale Fox) below — with work of Marcel Griaule, Jean Rouch and Germaine Dieterlen and  including the footage made by Rouch who lived more than 10 years among the Dogon. Perfect to understand and appreciate the richness of Dogon cosmology and traditions, this film is an excellent starting point for exploring the body of film created and knowledge gathered over several decades and amplifies the complexity and richness embedded within material traces of Dogon (and other African) traditions.
Sur les traces du Renard Pâle / Tracking the Pale Fox : Luc de Heusch’s extraordinary documentary about Marcel Griaule and his followers, and the study of Dogon culture can be seen below in the members area ...

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