Discovered pieces with scholar discussion (ref : Arts d’Afrique Noire, Raoul LEHUARD’s presentation on undigged pieces / chronicle) not many newsletters in the field; big buzz and traffic – go on! congratulations!!ALCAN LEGRAND Pascal
ALCAN LEGRAND Pascal, private collector


 Un Imaginative,mainly concerned with selling your Items(understandable)
 Karl Juliusson


Authenticity studies based on peer reviewed science and facts. Stylistic analysis based on fully vetted objects (that have been previously analyzed by qualified art conservators) that are systematically studied and reported in peer reviewed sources.
 Mark Rasmussen,


 I would like to deal and sell African art in the future. Living in South Africa, I actually know very little and want to extend my knowledge in this regard so that I can take part in the preservation through collection of African artifacts and collectable wares.


 I well understand issues of quality in western artworks but despite study have yet to develop a real “eye” when it comes to African art works. My aesthetic understanding of African art needs fine tuning and I continue to have difficulty in ascertaining subtle differences in quality. I would like further education on just what distinguishes quality in African art and accounts for the tremendous differences in prices.
 Charles R. Mack


 I would very much learn more about prices and how old the pieces can be. The differenses in style etc.
 Else Ulla


I am part nigerian and am trying to distribute/promote african art and its artist or creator i know the indigenous areas and the culture.I believe in authenticity and cultural identity and feel that african arts and culture has a lot to offer the world.I have the backing of the local press here in cornwall uk ,in as much as they wish to follow my journey through words and picts to the source Nigeria and put a human interest story on how these things are make and tha backgrounds of the people who produce them .I am travelling to nigeria shortly to source produce from the bush and indigenous grass roots areas.At this moment i have paintings (oils) and carvings of busts up to 4ft plates of wood carvings.I am trying to source hand made four posters with carvings up the posts and head and footboards etc and large dining tables etc in short carvings and art furniture etc.this venture a local arts coucillor is also interested in for exhibition space.

These are the type of things i would like to learn more and maybe i could interest you in replying frankly to this mail.this is why enlisted in your site in the first place as i was looking for contacts as african art is not bric a brac as some people seem to think.

It is exclusive creative expressive and beautiful.I wonder on if your interested in maybe sourcing from me or contacting me

 mr ayodele fagunwa


 perhaps more links and a members’ area for buying and selling
 charles Choularton


 A very good tool, sometimes to see, sometimes to learnHow to look, how to identifie, how to recognize the true pieces
 L.Vicente Mira


 General in nature. Also, past background in criminology, interested in fakes and/or thefts from a general perspective. How do you tell the difference, what to look for, what is going on in this area in different countries, etc.
 Howard Mann