Some of the testimonials I received :

Dear David,

I am writing to thank you for your superb introduction to Jean Willy Mestach. I see that you are expanding and branching out! That is great!

I can say with pride that I “know” you from your first days!!

Gassia Armenian
Curatorial and Research Associate

Fowler Museum at UCLA

Tell me how you find the African Antiques newsletter ?


A very good tool, sometimes to see, sometimes to learn

John P. Jones

very informative


getting better all the time

john h falkner
love the articles, especially the exhibition reviews
Anna Olcerst
It is good as it is, gives alerts about upcoming events
Jan Ölander
I think it’s fine and has improved over time. I appreciate the effort/work put into it, and I’m happy and thankful to receive it.

John P. Jones
I like information of afrika-art. But not always about the same acquaintance items, that you always see in the books. I like to see items what people back at home have. Nice and (mabe) old, but other things. Not always the same famous generally known art-items.
You know what I mean David, not always the picture. New things, new opportunity, for to buy and mabe later an good investment.
I like the African Antiques newsletter very much
Antoine Vingerhoed


I am an art appraiser and consultant of African and African American art and a collector of African American art Your website and news letters are very helpful. I have directed many of my clients to your site.
The African Antiques newsletter is excellent
Diane Dinkins Carr