Let’s say you want to visit the page http://africanartclub.com/coming-auctions/ with the complete listing of the coming African Art auctions, but you see this:


You can do two things dependending on you situation login  with the username and password the have choosen and that was mailed as a confirmatin to you or Become a member

Once you logged in yo come inside the dashboard where you need to Click on African Art Club <– Visit Site to enter the site again :


If you now click on you back button of your browser or navigate to the page ou want to open, you will see the insiders content . Members will also regularly receive insiders email alerts.


 and when you click on auctions you can see the complete listing  and scroll down the page the complete listing of coming auctions:


Please be aware that the navigation below the page are fixed pages with the most important events, but that on the home page you can find the recent posts  below the join message.

 Another way to find options using the African Art Club or to login and navigate is by clicking the pencil below the page:


You can then click on categories, tag cloud , subscribe to the blog RSS feed, etc.. you can also change the sites look and feel and change the theme:


On the following screen you can see what happened once you changed the theme, for those of you who wants the site to charge faster you can use the “light” theme. In the image below you can see the fire theme at work, and also if an article pleased you where to find the page with all articles filled in the same category,subscribe to rss answers, and copy the links to trackback the page and put it on your blog (HINT):


If you have any other questions send me a private mail mailto:david@african-antiques.com or post a comment below the page

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I think it’s fine and has improved over time. I appreciate the effort/work put into it, and I’m happy and thankful to receive it.
John P. Jones
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