Advertise in the African Antiques network

Why you should advertise ?

You have an African Art related event and want to reach more than 4,000 like minded prospects ? The African Antiques Network is the only one with such a big list. And since we are only providing quality content to our members (both free and paid)  our readers are eager to receive our emails. The quality of the readers in our network is very good, most dealers and collectors, museum staff and curators are reading our interesting monthly newsletter, and our active community will get your information.

If you are a dealer or auctioneer  or if you have an exhibition to promote, you want us to announce your African Art event(s) to our African Art Lovers readers. For a small fee of  200 € per email blast you reach our more than 4,000 readers and also receive a permanent page on our network sites from your event(s) , the news you will provide us is also often rebroadcast in African Art discussions groups and forums, and sometimes through African Art University News Networks like H-Afr .

You also receive as an announcers or like all our African Art Buyers a 12 months free African Art Club Membership (value 100€).

What do we do for our advertisers ?

We can do an interview and publish it, show pictures of your pieces, and events, publish your video’s and press releases, even send you a photographer and interviewer for an extra fee etc.

Also since our site are very well indexed, your sites gets also a boost in the search engines, for the keywords you provide us, so as an example the Zemanek tribal art auction house contacted us a few years ago to promote the auctions they do in Würsburg in Germany, a little town very difficult to find. In that time nobody could find them on the internet, but today even if you search in Google for “Zemanek” or ”tribal Art auctions” you will find them thanks to the keyword positioning we did for them.

How to advertise on our network ?

Take contact with us, and send us a link to your website, so that we can evaluate it. We need a minimum of quality to promote your business. Provide us with the practical details of your events, and most important some press or even better an interview or an interesting example from the objects on show, so that our readers can become interested in your activities. Don’t forget a few pictures, and an audi file or a pdf. If you want we can send you a few questions so that you can answer them and publish them on our site.

What to do next to get my African Art into the light of 5,000 African Art Lovers?

After you paid us our small 350 € fee (with paypal, or credit card), you will complete the easy steps to provide us with information about your event and give us a phone call at +32 3 227.35.40 and email us with details of your project and questions if interested: