The African Art Club is a creation of David Norden who is working full time in the African Art field since 1992.  He grew up with African Art since his mother Nadya Levi -a sculptor- always collected African Art.

His father and grand-father had several Antique Shops in Den Haag and  in Antwerp.

David Norden, Sylvie Verhaeghe, and Zazie NordenDavid Norden with his wife Sylvie and his daughter Zazie

David Norden has a shop in Antwerp, participates several times a year to Fairs around the World, and has created the most viewed portals in the world about African Art and

You can see some pieces of his collection at

He advise great collections since 1992 !

His newsletter has more than 5000 readers, and his discussion groups about African more than 2500 members on Yahoo African Art groups and facebook african art.

He started this African Art Club a few years ago, a membership site that is an invaluable tool for all those interested in African Art. You can join the african art club

Contact David Norden:

Sint Katelijnevest 27

B2000 Antwerpen


Tel +32 3 227.35.40