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Dear friend,

This website was created by David Norden, a dealer in African Art since 1992, that is willing to share his experience with his clients and friends.

As an insider of the African Art Club you will not only be informed about secret little auctions and items that I spotted on these auctions, but also get insider information on coming exhibitions, contact informations on curators, tricks to make you a better collector and rules to succeed as a collector, and also help you find genuine piece at reasonable prices. You will access the sames resources I use myself. Most of the posts on this website only show teasers, to get the full post you must login as a member…

As a member you will also get your own page and be able to discuss with other members in the private discussion forum on this site, and also on Facebook.

You will receive secret emails with insider tips on small auctions and more.

Access all the content inside the Club. Do it now it’s just smart !

you have two options, you can Join as a Yearly Member for €97 or join the African Art Club monthly above this page on a small monthly base

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I am sure you will love the Club and conveniently be billed 10 € each month until you decide to cancel (just send us an email to be removed or through your Paypal account ).

INSIDE: Buy, Sell, Restore, book reviews, exhibition pictures, exclusive interviews etc..

BONUS: Get your members page & contact in the forum hundred other members and visit the private members only Facebook group

or Join as a Yearly Member price 97 euros for 12 months

Get access to the best resources to become a better African Art collector, and do virtual visits to big and small exhibitions with authentic pieces. Receive “special reports” for insiders only in your mailbox, interviews, insiders videos, museum addresses and curators informations and dealers addresses, audio interviews, etc ….

Expect to receive our monthly insiders newsletter and weekly insiders updates if new events happen

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Join as a Yearly Member price is 97 euros for one year only.


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