African Art Auction Results

African Art Auction Results

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Dear friends,

Some of you pay 270 € and more a year for a Tribal Index to get African Art Auction results. Members of my Club pay NADA and get also results for all other antiques, paintings, etc… ! See below an example for a search of the Bambara culture that got 270 results and a page result sample . Members can find the link to subscribe to this not well known website for free. DETAILS and URL in the member area below the screenshots. So if you did not joined yet, maybe you can do so now before you forget. It is only 10 € each month to join the African Art Club , and as you know this site is active and regularly updated, and you also get access to all the archives, and special email updates. All links below the images. Enjoy !

This website gives you access to the online Guide Mayer auction results database. Access to this database is free and unlimited. Subscription gives you free and unlimited access to the database and images (when available), classified ads,antiques valuations, etc…

To view photos of art works and objects sold, you need to subscribe to the ...

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