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On this page you’ll find a list of  sites that will help you browse hundred of small auction houses to find the rare items you are looking for classified by country.  When posible I give you the direct link to the word AFRICAN but you can change this word if you want to Kongo, african mask, Lega or whatever you collect.

As a general thumb of rule I don’t bid through this sites, but try to get directly in touch with the auctionneers when an item interest me. When the auction is at the other site of the world I prefer bidding by phone, but if the items are not very important to me and low in value, a written offer by email is also OK. When there are more then 15 objects interesting me in an auction I prefer going in person to the auction.

I selected sites working with trusted brick and mortar companies, with no private individuals auction items  (like Ebay) since this means less “junk”.

Many auction houses have shipping departments. If the auction house does not have a shipping department, it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange shipping and insurance.  Always ask in advance.

David Norden

The list is below,


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