Auctions Coming

Lot 77: Bamana Carved Wood Antelope Headdress,
Est. $6,000-8,000 at Skinner, Boston, september 2011 (details below in member section)

Below you’ll find a selection of some secret coming African Art Auctions you probably did not know about and some comments about the quality and pieces we like:

Further on this page members will find a COMPLETE list of all the big and small coming auctions that you can follow with genuine african art items, classified by date, and updated weekly, with direct links to the online catalogues. The last years the amount of auctions available for collection growed huge, you can’t follow them all, but having access to all the catalogues online, will make you able to be more selective in the pieces you want in your collection . When I have comments abĀ  out the qualiy of the auctions it is also mentionned.

African Art auctions September 2011



The rest of this article is available for premium members only.

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