Lobi Art
A good exhibition about Lobi Art in germany: {{{silver}}} For more information please visit This website: www.herkenhoff-tribalart.com or join the Lobi on facebook: www.facebook.com/Skulpturen-d [...]
The Tribal Eye 1-Behind The Mask
The Tribal Eye Part 1 of 7-Behind The Mask See below this page the complete 7 parts series streaming, or buy them on DVD. The Tribal Eye: The Complete BBC Series [1975] [DVD] The movie below was don [...]
The Tribal Eye 04 – The Kingdom Of Bronze
The Tribal Eye 04 - The Kingdom Of Bronze Even if a bit dated ( certainly the prices!) this field reportage fom David Attenborough  is very interesting for all those who want to learn more about Beni [...]
African Art from the Honolulu Academy
African Art from the Honolulu Academy's Collection A wooden standing female figure from the Bena Lulua tribe of the Congo (13,000.1), now on view in Gallery 22. In celebration of Black History Month, [...]
masques Gelede
L'art africain des Gèlèdé tombe le masque, magie et pouvoir des mères Les masques Gèlèdé en Bretagne Masques jumeaux masculins Lossi, du début du XXe siècle. Collection Jean-Yves Augel, Gu [...]
Pende Art exhibition Laeremans
For details and more pictures see http://africanartclub.com/african-art/pende-art/ [...]
pende art
Discover the Art of the Pende tribe. See 45 more images from the printed catalogue in the member section and a pdf interview (in French) from Mr. Desaive about his passion on collecting Pende Art. Y [...]