Brafa 2013 African art videos
Inside the members area of the African Art Club, see the following videos: -Exposition de la galerie Didier Claes, "Art premiers d'Afrique noire", Brafa 2013 - La Galerie Jacques Germain expose à BRA [...]
Lucien van de Velde
Lucien van de Velde collection in Antwerp-Belgium. He is giving a private exhibition for his friends. A pair of Moba's from Lucien van de Velde catalogue-Abstraction Ask for his new catalogue: "A [...]
20 African Masks exhibition in Brussels
The gallery 2R Ritual from Brussels is presenting "On the Roads of Congo" 20 Tribal Masks From the 2nd of October to the 2nd of November 2009 . Click African masks thumbs to enlarge:   To see mor [...]
David Norden Mask Exhibition
  David Norden online Mask Exhibition Email David Norden   your African Masks request of availability to see the mask exhibition click here  (more…) [...]
Dealer Alain Naoum Antique African Art
A fine Songye from Alain Naoum collection Interview with Alain Naoum  April 28, 2009, part one. David  Norden:    First let me ask what interested you initially in African Art, and how did you st [...]
Pende Art exhibition Laeremans
For details and more pictures see [...]
pende art
Discover the Art of the Pende tribe. See 45 more images from the printed catalogue in the member section and a pdf interview (in French) from Mr. Desaive about his passion on collecting Pende Art. Y [...]