Surfaces on African sculpture review
Surfaces on African sculpture Book Review Author: John Mack Review of: Surfaces: Color, Substances, and Ritual Applications on African Sculpture edited by Leonard Kahan, Donna Page, and Pascal James I [...]
Central Nigeria Unmasked: Arts of the Benue River Valley
The Benue River Valley is the source of some of the most abstract, dramatic, and inventive sculpture in sub-Saharan Africa. This book brings together figurative wood sculptures and ceramic vessels, ma [...]
Magic African Masks in Paris – Expo Congo
Magic Masks, Curvy Women From Congo Bewitch in Paris: Review Congo has a bad reputation. If the two countries sharing the name of Africa’s second- longest river, the (formerly French) Republic of [...]
James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific
James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific 28 August 2009 – 28 February 2010 catalogue of the travelling exhibition : James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific ~ Adrienne L. [...]
Beauty and Authenticity in African Art
A new book was published by the Museo d'Arte & Scienza in Madrid. Looks like the Teke mask on the cover was not made for tribal use but for decoration, since it does not include the normal symbols [...]