Sotheby’s African Art Sale Earns $8.4 Million
EDITORIAL NOTE: A few pieces but strong selection  and known provenance with a twist of well selected tribes and clients that are educated to get the best quality at the highest prices, these seem to [...]
Lempertz Brussel results
During the Afrika / Tribal Art auction from Lempertz in Brussels a mask was sold for 370,000€ without costs, the other objects where at more reasonable prices, but for exceptional pieces the market [...]
Zemanek results
Small mask «kifwebe» - Songe, D.R. Kongo Adjugé : 44 000 € 19 septembre 2009 - Zemanek-Münster {++} more results: catalog: http://w [...]
Carl Ferdinand Schaedler auction results
Carl Ferdinand Schaedler auction results the auction of Carl Ferdinand Schaedler held at NEUMEISTER Münchener Kunstauktionshaus 14 Oktober 2009 total of the sold lots: 423,200 € without costs 14% o [...]
What is a good provenance ?
During on of the last auction in Paris this Dan spoon with a perfect  provenance caught my eye: So why does this spoon have a perfect provenance ?{++} (more…) [...]
Songye mask
Lot 54 at Van Ham in Germany auctions sold for 105,000 € in June 2009 on an a high estimate of 15,000 € Most items did not sold, but this one was a good exception.   Female Kifwebe Mask. Song [...]