Amazing African Art
I hope you'll enjoy the virtual African Art Shop   Invitation: David Norden amazing Virtual African Art Shop (67 images + video)  Dear friends, the tribal art event in Brussel is over but you [...]
A Journey Around My African Art Shop
Click Here to enter the African art shop ! Click Here to enter the African art shop ! If you are interested in receiving more images or any other information [...]
Merton Simpson finally buried three weeks after
Dear $email, After the Death of Merton Simpson was announced three weeks ago, everyone was shocked to discover Merton Simpson family has No Cash for Burial The burial cost was 7,200 $  and the family [...]
Sell African Art to members of the Club
Dear $email, To sell to other members of the African Art Club, many of you joined the secret board at: {{{silver}}} If you can't see it, it is [...]
STOP- 4 Days Before 2012- Good News and Bad News.
Dear $email, First the Good News: V&A Explore Africa’s Hidden Histories In New Exhibition An exhibition displaying around 100 objects from the V&A’s collections looks at the V&A’s en [...]
Transformations: The African Art of Change
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville. "African Art: The Collection of Jon Draud" is a display of approximately 150 objects on loan from a private collection. Draud, a Nas [...]
Newark African Art Museum expanding
The Newark Museum on Washington Street is set to be expanded. Expanding Africa at the Newark Museum: New Visions, New Galleries  On View Through May 2013 Features exceptional works of art from the M [...]
African Art At What Price ?
In this video I discuss the projects of the Tervuren Museum and the % of shown pieces. At the end of 2012 the Tervuren museum will close its doors for major renovation works. The expo UNCENSORED. Vi [...]
African Art Archives
Dear friends, I am always alert for new things, as you my friends know, and I decided to let you know about something new I discovered This is something for people who are interested in books a [...]
Arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie Sotheby’s
The African & Oceanic Art department of Sotheby's invites you to a viewing of highlights of the upcoming Paris sale from 5th to 9th of November in the New York Sotheby's office.{{{silver}}} Art [...]