Before They Pass Away
Before they pass away "Look the humanity in the eyes, before she disappears": The British photographer Jimmy Nelson took the challenge inhis prestigious book 'Before they pass away' He went worldwide [...]
Barton Lidice Benes a free men who loved african art and much more
The contents of the artist Barton Benes’s Westbeth apartment will be shipped to the North Dakota Museum of Art, where his home will be recreated for an exhibit. In this video Barton Lidice Benes [...]
Minneapolis Institute of Arts goes back to Africa
Minneapolis Institute of Arts goes back to Africa MIA reinstalls its African collection in dramatic, tech-rich galleries. “Awesome! This is beautiful,” said a delighted visitor as three kids [...]
Secrets d’Ivoire- The Jay Last Lega Art and the Fowler Museum on view in the Quai Branly
MUSEE DU QUAI BRANLY presents Secrets d'Ivoire- The Jay Last Lega Art in association with the the Fowler Museum Secrets d'ivoire (book) the exhibition is on view at the Quai Branly Collectors Jay [...]
The Cobbs Auction
The Cobbs Announcement: Dear friends, The Cobbs Auctioneers of Peterborough, New Hampshire are pleased to announce that their Nov. 2, Fall African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian art sale is now on line at [...]
Harn Museum of Art -Slave trade and African Art
  Grace Beahm /Nicole Isenbarger holds a large, nearly complete piece of Colonoware found on the Dean Hall tract during the construction of the future site of the DuPont factory.   [...]
Stolen at Pairi Daiza
At the request of Steffen Patzwahl -Zoological Director - -Curator Ethnographic Collections at Pairi Daiza . Dear $email, I contact you today concerning the theft of a piece of Tribal art here i [...]
Sir Henry Welcomme Fowler Museum
UCLA's Fowler Museum turns 50 in worldly fashion Its 'Fowler at Fifty' exhibitions focus on its substantial collection; many objects are coming out of storage for the first time. [...]
The Cobbs Auctioneers
Dear friends, Announced auction at The Cobbs Auctioneers in New Hampshire, USA on 26 October 2013 After my Paris show there will be an interesting sale announcement of an auction at The Cobbs Auctione [...]
Alain Lecomte – Les Sifflets Bakongo- Lower Congo Whistles
INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF EXPERTS. Ordinex Alain Lecomte Ancient Art of Black Africa Dear $email, This year the Galerie Alain Lecomte from Paris has a interesting thematic exhibition.... Nsiba Bak [...]