Africa and the World Map
The actual size of Africa compared to the rest of the world. 500 years of wrong ? Comments below. [...]
African art legacy in danger ?
The Nok Culture book byGert Chesi, Gerhar... read more on this book at DJENNE-DJENNO, one of the best-known archaeological sites in sub-Saharan Africa, spreads ov [...]
African Cosmos Stellar Arts
African Cosmos: Stellar Arts African Cosmos: Stellar Arts shows how the sun, moon, stars, and the phenomena of lightning and rainbows inspired the arts of Africa for thousands of years. We have all ex [...]
African Art, ancient tombs wrecked by islamists
Under threat: The Djinguereber mosque of Timbuktu has been threatened with destruction by hardline Islamist group Ansar Dine. Picture: AFP Growing concerns on Malian heritage Concern Over Safety of Ma [...]
Nok Head
Nok Head: Look into the eyes of a rare ancient African sculpture (Image: Nicole Rupp/Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Goethe-University Frankfurt ){{{silver}}} Ancient African sculpture discover [...]