RIP Michel Leveau

RIP Michel Leveau

Dear $email,

Sad News.

RIP. Michel Leveau the brilliant founder of the musée Dapper.

He was a person of enormous vision and intellect. He worked till the end. We
will miss him.

His wife Christiane Falgayrettes Leveau sure will continue his good work at the
Dapper Museum that was opened in 1986 in Paris to honor the Dutch explorer Olfert Dapper.

You can read some news on the following sites ( in French)

You can send your kind words to:

Musée Dapper

35 bis, rue Paul Valéry

75116 Paris – France

Tél. : 01 45 00 91 75

email Christiane Falgayrettes Leveau  at:

David Norden

Book with objects of the Dapper Museum:

Rediscovered Masterpieces of African Art

Lopes, Henri; Fondation Dapper; Gerald Berjonneau; Jean-Louis Sonnery; Bernard de Grunne; Robert Farris Thompson; Pierre Harter; Dominique Lacroze

“Yet here is an art which, when discovered by Europe, touched and overwhelmed the sensitivity of a certain number of the most significant artists of the turn of the century. The emotion it aroused obsessed them and fertilised their imaginations, leaving clear marks on their own canvases and sculptures.’ -From the Preface

Perhaps no other art has had the impact on Modern Art & artists the way African Art has. Indeed, the connection is forcefully asserted in this glorious, limited edition book that I am really pleased and proud to own. Divided into 5 sections: Terracotta, Metal, Ivories, Statuary and Environmental (Utilitarian objects such as Bowls, Cups, Neckrests, Spoons, Stools, and Weapons) you immediately see the creme de la creme of African Art. That is no idle boast either, because the works featured in this book were all selected by a specially formed committee of the Foundation Dapper, with the following criteria: all were unpublished works of art, and are not for sale. Over 85 different african tribes and their art are very well represented here in full and 3/4 page color and black & white photographs, that reflect a very rich heritage and cultural tradition. The respect, awe, and love for the art of this great continent really leaps off the pages! Five stars is really not enough. I wish I could give it 10!


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