STOP- 4 Days Before 2012- Good News and Bad News.

STOP- 4 Days Before 2012- Good News and Bad News.

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First the Good News:

V&A Explore Africa’s Hidden Histories In New Exhibition

An exhibition displaying around 100 objects from the V&A’s collections looks at the V&A’s engagement with and changing view of art and design from Africa since the earliest days of the Museum in the 1850s to the present.

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Jewish idols found in Israel

How idolatry continued in the Kingdom of Judah:Israeli dig uncovers temple and icons dating back to Old Testament era

Some Jewish idols where found in Israel, they look quite similar to Djenne and Koma land figures of African Art? Please click to read and comment on this page .

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A crazy offer below or what?

My Widekum mask sold at Sotheby’s in 1977 can be Yours for 3,500 €

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And now the Bad news:

If you are not yet a paid member, you could not read the complete news and you could not see all the images, and more links in the members area, BUT if you want to have all the information, you still have four days left to join the African Art Club at the 2012 price (10€ a month or 100€ a year).

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