Good results for quality African Art and tribal arts in Paris

Good results for quality African Art and tribal arts in Paris

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When the main markets became sluggish, due to the international crisis, it seems the Art market in general and the African art market in a more specific way is accumulating higher results. But the collectors are also becoming more knowledgeable and selective .

Both Christie’s and Bonham’s, did serious efforts the last years to get more high end collectors to bid higher on the objects they offer. They did so by attracting new experts, and getting better informed clients. And for Christie’s by being very selective on the offered goods.

Christie’s sold the nice 8 feet tall Nkundu reliquary coming from the Willy Mestach to an anonymous buyer for $3,526,600, vastly outstripping its $260,000-$390,000 pre-sale estimate.  and a nice Vili at $327,676 that was 8.75 inches tall.  At Christie’s the sale total including Buyer’s Premium: 6,022,975 (EUR) 63 of 90 lots finding buyers just a bit below the Sotheby’s results of 7,268,875 EUR . Sotheby’s sold e.g. an Akan head at 540,750€, also worth mentioning is that they offered a fake weapon that failed to sell (lot 103) that clearly was a mix of styles, easy to spot with it duke head and mix of Teke and Luba styles, but certainly for Sotheby’s every error is one to much.

In you login in the African Art Club Members Section, you will find links to the auction result lists below the post at .

I hope you did not become dizzy from these high prices. If you’re not at the head of a hedge fund and simply can’t afford the high prices from Sotheby’s and Chrisities, but still want good quality objects coming from known collections, have a look at our inventory

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You see some objects and videos of them in my previous posting.


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