African Art Club December update

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On January 1, 2012 I will raise the price of the African
Art Club
, but for those who already subscribed the price will remain unchanged for ever.

So if you want to stay informed about major and minor auctions, and receive insiders information’s about the African Art market, it is the moment to join. It is also a good gift idea. For those of you who are taking or giving a one
year or monthly african art club subscription
I am  preparing a special bonus package that should be ready by Christmas, with some mp3′s with buying and selling insider tips, a pdf report that will be send to all members of the Club, and more goodies, including a list of the main resources to buy and sell online and at auction and a calendar of the main Fairs classified month by month and who to contact if you want to participate.

I added many objects on my Buy African Art site that will be perfect for under the Christmas tree and probably way below the price they would fetch at Christie’s or Sotheby’s who
seem to dream
only from 2 millions euros objects, like the Nkundu Reliquary


I added objects like this finely patinated Kuba
Palm Wine Cup
or the anthropomorphic Kuba
Head Cup
or a fine Kuba drum and more Kuba
objects, all collected before 1930 .


Kuba Art from the Kuba

see my previous newsletter African art video


This Kuba drum is 67 cm high, click see more images of the Kuba

 Kuba-Head-cup-profile.jpg (93191 bytes)

This Kuba Cup Head is  22 cm high

Palm Wine  Kuba Cup.jpg (131632 bytes)

Palm Wine Kuba Cup

But  if you prefer to do a book gift or
give yourself some readings I recommend visiting my amazon
african art bookshop

Product DetailsAncient Nubia One book that just came out and that seems a perfect Christmas gift for anyone is the book  my photographer friend Chester Higgins leped illustrate. During
three seasons he went to work in northern Sudan, to illustrate the 472 page book, more than 75% of the in situ photographs are his work.

This book is just out on Amazon, ‘Ancient
Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile

This book is the most comprehensive work to date done on this subject, edited by an outstanding team of Egyptologist led by Drs Margaret Fisher and Peter Lacovara.

In ancient times Egypt ruled the world and in the 25th Dynasty, Nubia restored ruled Egypt. For more books choice my amazon african art bookshop.


If you understand French or if you have french friends you will like to buy books I selected livres d’art africain . Do you have eg. the catalogue of the last Dapper exhibition S’asseoir,se coucher et rêver or from the Quai Branly Nigeria: Arts de la vallée de la Bénoué

Around the African Art Net (please like,
comment, and share) :

Contemporary African art of kissing

I really enjoyed the sensitive video created for the Menil Collection Museum that I found in this Guardian article and the video installation by British-Nigerian artist Zina Saro-Wiwa who explores the ways culture affects the performance of love

Simba Craftware Simba
liked my pin Kuba
Palm Wine Cup (Toledo Museum …
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More african
art in museums

Happy pinning!


Well I hope you enjoyed this edition, do not hesitate to forward it to your
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Hope you enjoyed this edition,

David Norden, +32 3 227.35.40


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